Tuesday, September 26, 2006



Who is she? She is a composition, a work of art, a jumble of tiny marks, chugging and enduring until the pen is lifted from the paper and a new line is begun. Her face, at once sensual and stark, has a hint of madness. Her hair is unkempt.

The paper is old and worn, with spots and wrinkles, but she burns her essence into my retinas. Yet her gaze is empty. I can imagine her, standing in front of a Florentine church, catching a man's interest. He is holding a paintbrush and lets his careful eye linger on her longer than she is used to. She hurries away, late to the market.

10 x 10, felt pen on paper.


Blogger Pete Strobl said...

This woman is an enigma...perhaps she is your father's "Mona Lisa".

1:45 AM  

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