Saturday, September 23, 2006


It's funny that I didn't notice right away that this cowboy's right arm was drawn in two different places. I was focused on his face and his hand, and wondering what he might have been thinking about.

My father was a master at misdirection, or the art of hiding things in plain sight. He also enjoyed changing placement of objects in the house so you would notice some little joke going on later. Figurines were especially tempting for him. Usually he would place them in some sort of humorous predicament, so that we would happen to notice when walking past.

Best of all when my mother and I spotted something at the same time and my father was in the other side of the room, and we could all enjoy the joke together. More often that not, though, I found myself giggling by myself, sharing the joke with him when he wasn't even there.

8 x 10, ink and watercolor on paper.


Blogger PacificNorthwestPostcards said...

I just have to tell you that I've enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your Father's work more than anything I've ever seen on the Internet (and I've seen a lot!) I work with Alzheimer's patients and two of them are former artists. The art therapy has been very good for them. Your father's work is graceful, distinctive and carries the marks of years of skill. I do wish him well, and bless your Mother for caring for him. I will be buying a print as soon as I make up my mind which one *must* grace my walls. Thank your Mother for sharing his wonderful talent with all of us, please?

11:24 PM  
Blogger aw said...

Dear PNP,

What a wonderful thing you have expressed. I can't wait to read your comment to my mother. It will make her very happy. I am so glad that you have enjoyed seeing the drawings. There are many more! It's a pleasure to scan them as they bring me back to times when he was mobile and talking. Know that your comments contributed to my mother's well being, and through her care, my father's.

You are a dear to care for Alzheimer's patients. I am glad that they are getting some art therapy from you and enjoying it.

All the best,


11:41 PM  
Blogger Felix Lim said...

I was impressed by the concinnity of this post, the way you bridge the story and the drawing.

9:56 PM  
Blogger aw said...


I am impressed by your use of language as well!! What a cool and appropriate word you have chosen to describe my posts...fab!

10:22 PM  

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